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About Me

Our Mission is to provide healthy indoor air quality to residential and commercial buildings.

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Jay Anderson

Environmental Scientist

Jay is an Environmental Scientist at Anderson Radon and Vapor Services with 15+ years helping residential and commercial owners with environmental issues. Specializing in radon and vapor mitigation. Jay uses his expertise to help solve complex radon and vapor mitigation issues.


By focusing on solving indoor air quality issues; Jay has been able to put the environmental management degree that he earned from Ball State University to good use. Over the years, Jay’s strengths within the environmental cleanup industry has garnered some recognition for mitigating and remediating thousands homes and businesses. Jay may spend his days operating a business and mitigating homes, but it’s providing honest service to people by solving complex environmental issues that gets him up in the morning.


When he’s not working, Jay enjoys sports and spending time in nature with his wife, son, and two dogs.

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